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Welcome to AnandRajya – your own path to success & enlightenment!

AnandRajya is proud to introduce the Concept of Trinity i.e. present in most religions but is hardly understood till now. Be a part of our movement to enlighten yourself and others about this concept. Enable yourself to receive God’s grace, blessings & spiritual gifts (Siddhis) with simple exercises & mindful activities.

A note by BaBa SaheB:

“We need to add sentiments, values & respect to everything we do, think or act! As it is the only possible way to attain infinite Wisdom & Bliss and advance ourselves on the path of everlasting happiness & glory.”

Ever wondered Why you took birth as a human? What’s the purpose of your life? How to discover your potential & abilities?

GOD has given us a great gift in the form of this human life. The sole purpose of this human birth is to discover GOD and Higher-self to fulfill all your wishes & desires and attain Nirvana (Salvation).

Ever heard about Siddhis, Self-healing, Teleportation, Telepathy & connecting to others using your mind as a medium? On this website, you would find all the necessary tools to begin your journey towards self-realization & hidden abilities.

At AnandRajya, we are at a pledge to transform all human races to create a better world for our generations to come.

We have created special tabs on this website that would advance your understanding to evolve yourself, and it only needs your time & dedication. Irrespective of any faith, religion or belief one can practice the content at their own will. Unlike other institutions, you won’t be a disciple but will be a part of our movement from Day One. Using self-awareness to raise your consciousness for realizing your Inner-self, awakening the Higher-Self & tapping into Supreme-self only requires your passion and willingness to prove yourselves.

The path we have designed is to advance you from a beginner to an advanced level and we will constantly be supporting you through email support to resolve any doubts or concerns. Your commitment is the only key to your own success!

Stay focused & connected and post your queries to anandrajya@outlook.com / info@anandrajya.com in case of doubts or difficulties.


To transform the human race and create a better world for our generations. Create awareness amongst all to realize higher-self by unlocking one’s potential & abilities towards enlightenment.


To promote humanity & to transform human intelligence to a higher state.


Our values are grounded in helping everyone to realize their potential and accomplish their mission in life by ensuring a successful path leading to their mental, spiritual & overall growth.

Water, Sanitation & Hygeine

Help us build a Temple!

Based on energies & spirituality!

Help People in Need!

By providing for food & clothing

Earn virtues on special occasions such as holy festivals, birthdays, anniversaries etc. by providing food & clothing to the people in need. A separate post will be published for you or your group/family highlighting the occasion and the people who benefitted from your contribution. Also, you will receive the donation receipt & exemption under section 80G of the Indian Tax Act. To know more fill out the form: Contact-Us.

Have you ever had a Deja-Vu, an intuition, a strange feeling about a certain situation in your life or about a particular place you visited? Ever felt attracted to any particular entity, color or symbol? Ever wondered about any action, work or activity through an inner voice telling you not to do it? If your answer is a YES to any of these questions then you have an ability that needs to be polished to realize your inner-self first then take a step forward to reach your higher-self that would help you realize your aim, mission, path or journey.

Did you know? Each individual is already blessed by the Supreme Creator- GOD with a special & unique ability! But since our minds are filled with social and economic pressures, we consider our hidden powers & talents as a mere fluke. Without self-examination, we can never understand or utilize the special gifts we have received from the Almighty. Most people waste this precious birth as a human to evolve and accomplish the feat that they are destined to! Everyone has a different journey but thankfully there is one sacred path to realize ourselves. Join us today and be a member of the Kingdom of GOD!

This website is an effort to eliminate the myths & rumors about Meditation. Meditation isn’t a complicated science that needs research, its a sacred art that each human is capable of and it only requires your patience. Anyone can practice these skills to enhance their mind to transform & develop themselves. We respect individualities and advise you to become Masters with your own preferable styles & routines.

AnandRajya is a Kingdom of Happiness, Joy & Infinite Bliss where you will increase self-awareness, learn to focus on the present, understand the value of life, handle stressful conditions calmly & overcome them, reduce negative emotions, increase imagination & creativity and build skills to manage all aspects of your life, know-how! to access the Door of Infinite Knowledge to find a solution for any question or a problem in your head. In addition, you will get proper guidance & support to clear your doubts or concerns via email.

Yoga: the way of Life

Book a free trial class(online) today from a certified Yoga Guru. Stay fit & healthy and attend guided sessions from the comfort of your home.


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