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Inner-self can be termed as the “ego or thinking” that one has manifested in their life. It is an understanding of things based on your upbringing, education, social or cultural background and your experiences.

We all come from different backgrounds and our identity is different from others. Though we all are humans but we are individuals; none would know how you feel or experience a certain situation and what you derive from it. With life getting much busier & occupied every day, one gets very limited time for themselves and if you invest some of that time for your self-development or self-evolution, it can help you lead a better life.

The information provided here is intended to refine your thinking and understanding of all aspects of life. These exercises speed up the process of Basic Meditation and helps you build the foundation for your sacred journey in 6-8 weeks. Make sure you read & understood 3 Simple Steps and 5 pillars of Righteousness! and keep a fast on a certain day of a week continuously for this duration, as fasting helps you build control over your senses and wandering mind.

Inner-self meditation is the art of self-control & self-improvement. It improves your focus and concentration levels and you can experience higher energy levels. This meditation also helps in overcoming stress or confusion in day-to-day life. It also helps in opening up your intuition to access the Higher-self. One needs to practice constantly to be in the same state of mind to improve and evolve further.

A message from BaBa SaheB:

Practicing silence and stillness builds your foundation towards your transformation & evolution.

We advise to practice following practice before starting the Basic Meditation each day:


To start the Meditation, be seated in a comfortable posture with your spine comfortably erect. Place hands on your knees with your palms facing upwards, while inhaling stretch your hands out in the direction of 90 degrees to your shoulders and hold your breath. Now after retention, while exhaling bring your hands back to the original position without rotating or moving your palms and fingers, hold or retain your breath, then repeat the exercise for 11-15 times, where you feel energetic and active. Make sure the fingers are attached to each other and there are no spaces in between.

For detailed information and other exercises, watch the following videos:

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