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Why join us? – AnandRajya is proud to introduce the concept of Trinity i.e. present in most religions but is hardly understood till now. The Trinity is a controversial doctrine that can also be referred to as Triune or Three-in-one God. In Hinduism, there are three supreme Gods or deities, in Christianity – The God, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and many other religions represent the presence of 3 in their beliefs or mythologies. Also, various pyramids and temples were built on this fact but humanity has terribly failed to grasp the real meaning of such a remarkable phenomenon.

Not only, we are the first to share this idealogy but also, we bring proven methods & techniques to understand and practice this concept amongst all. Because of misconceptions, misunderstandings & hypocrisy, common people always neglect to utilize the special gift from God. To an extent, people are advised or forced to give up on their lives, wealth or belongings to find God – the Super-intelligence ruling over many galaxies like ours.

Even today people are fighting with each other in the name of a religion or a belief – we must understand that each religion is only – a teaching! or a practice! that evolved from time to time according to different sects of people. In today’s modern world, we need to unite ourselves to promote Humanity i.e. and should be the biggest religion on earth.

Our values are grounded in helping everyone to realize their potential and accomplish their mission in life by ensuring a successful path leading to their mental, spiritual & overall growth. And our vision is to transform the human race and create a better world for our generations. Create awareness amongst all to realize higher-self by unlocking one’s potential & abilities towards enlightenment.

To accomplish such a feat, we need involvement and contribution from each person in our society and worldwide.


AnandRajya cordially invites people with high moral values to become its members. The role of a Member is to spread awareness of the foundation’s initiative. The Members will be guiding and motivating others to circulate the objectives of our mission. They will gain insights on foundation’s perspective and will be responsible for organizing events/webinars in their community. All Members will have access to course materials & videos; which will include the Inner-self course & guide, the Higher-self course & guide & the Supreme-self course & guide depending on the plan they choose.

For the development of the foundation and to achieve its goal, each Member is required to commit a fixed amount annually that will contribute towards the foundation’s objective, in return they’d receive a certain percentage of the donations raised through them as compensation for their efforts. They can either choose to donate their compensation or keep them at their own discreet. This is not a business opportunity but a simple way to earn virtuous satisfaction and peace for doing something great for others. Always remember that we aim to transform human intelligence to a higher state and it can’t be achieved overnight.

As a proud Member, you will have exclusive rights to the foundation’s content & idealogy to promote AnandRajya’s initiative. Also, you will be recognized and awarded for your achievements in the foundation’s success from time to time and separate posts will be published publicly.

To find details about Membership, Click Here!


A volunteer is any person who wishes to enroll with AnandRajya for their own mental, physical or spiritual growth. Anyone aged 14 or more can join AnandRajya as a volunteer to learn and adopt various teachings, modules, videos & lectures. A volunteer will always be included in a group led by Members of the foundation. The pre-requisite for a volunteer is to complete 100 days of Basic Meditation as mentioned on the website or undertake the guided session/course on Inner-self for 6-8 weeks, further which one can enroll to awaken Higher-self and Supreme-self according to their interests & experiences.

All courses will be provided at no fixed charge but a volunteer is required to donate some amount of money, that they feel comfortable in transforming themselves. All the courses are priceless and could’ve been sold in thousands, still, there is no fixed amount for the courses on self-development & self-evolution but one must admit that true knowledge isn’t gained without a true offering(Dakshina) from their heart.

Again all offerings/donations will go towards the foundation’s objective and will help people in need.

Once you’ve completed 100 days of Basic Meditation with at least 10 fasting days or the Inner-self course for 6-8 weeks, Click Here to join us as a volunteer and we will send the course details over your email.