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Meditation – the key to transforming & evolving yourself.

Meditation is an endless journey that would give you infinite bliss & knowledge to realize your inner-self and discover the aim of your life. It is an endless possibility to unlock your true nature & potential to master spiritual gifts(siddhis).

Meditation has been the most confusing topic amongst everyone. Let us understand it first!

There are different stages of thinking i.e. Attention, Concentration, Imagination & Hallucination.

Meditation is practiced with Attention, Imagination & Concentration but to start with we should use Attention with Concentration. Attention is the ability to focus on a task or subject whereas Concentration is the ability to maintain this attention for a certain amount of time.

There are different ways how you can practice or Master your abilities. But here we would discuss the ones that could easily be practiced by everyone and if one Master these disciplines, they would automatically excel in other ways as well.

Meditation is the art of inhalation, exhalation & retention. There are different breathing patterns mentioned by different Gurus or Saints but you need to find out what works best for you. For example 1:4:2 or 2:4:2:4 or 2:2:2:2 . The best practice here is inhalation, retention, exhalation & retention but to start with you can retain your breath for a single time before exhalation. Here, the number denotes seconds for which you follow a discipline but again it depends on what works best for you. Start it for 5-10 minutes initially then take it to 15-30 minutes every day. It will help in raising your energy levels and improve your focus and concentration. Try not to breathe very heavily or slowly while practicing and maintain a casual and easy approach in which you feel comfortable! Note: it may take 20-40 minutes to experience Bliss when your breath settles and you no longer notice it moving in & out, for starters this process may take some weeks or so. Have patience and determination!

Tip: Instead of counting seconds for breathing patterns you could use ॐ AUM, names of God incarnations (Avatars or Angels), your religious idols or Mantras. For example, instead of counting till 4 you’d think of a name or mantra for 3-4 times. There are many ways using which you can practice the above exercise but like we said: you are the Master of your own destiny & it’s your own path so here you decide what works best for you!

Devotion with determination can harness the divinity inside you to access the Eternal truth or knowledge.

Initially, you feel the air moving in & out but the longer you practice your breath will start settling & you no longer would observe its sound or movement. It will happen automatically allowing you to experience Nirvana. It is the state where you receive infinite bliss & happiness and your mind is free from any thoughts/desires. Always focus on the present moment i.e. Right-Now; REFRAIN from imagining & hallucinating at this time and experience your mind show you wonders. People may observe tinkles, goosebumps, a yellow spot, a random color light or some other extraordinary feeling or sensation. Once reached this far, you’d know how to gain control over your mind again and the door of infinite knowledge is accessible by you wherein the experiences are different from person to person. And since you know the 5 Pillars & 3 Simple Steps you’d differentiate between the real and imaginary thoughts. Always remember, the thoughts occurring automatically in this state are the fruits of your time spent in these exercises.

Infinity Symbol

Meditation can be practiced with closed eyes and focusing on the tip of your nose, between your eyebrows or naval. The idea of Meditation is to draw your mind to a zero-level where you could find it floating free above the river of thoughts influenced by a series of concentration on a positive idea/image in your mind. If you feel your mind constantly filled with any thoughts or emotions roll your eyes slowly in the direction of the infinity symbol for 2-3 minutes by beginning & ending the process in its middle.

Did you know we all have an organ in mind named as Pineal gland, it is often referred to as third-eye! This whole practice of meditation revolves around identifying & activating it so you can have an out of world experience. Surely it can’t be easier to control your mind and it might stop or deviate you from time to time but you have to rise above it and experience nothingness in mind. It surely isn’t a practice that can be mastered in a day or a week but would need your continuous determination & commitment.

Sit in a cross-legged posture with your spine comfortably erect and your palms facing upwards. You can also use the hand chart image to form any mudra by joining your thumb with the relevant finger. Holding any mudra for a continuous longer interval can cause pain or stress in your hand! Use your instinct to know what’s best for you! Be in a comfortable posture or asana with your spine comfortably erect and your legs crossed, if you are unable to sit on a floor then use a chair or anything else. It is recommended to use an asana for sitting on the floor or beneath your feet if practicing on a chair. Do three rounds of regular breaths with deep inhalation & exhalation while thinking about GOD. Then start the Meditation practice described above.

Meditation is most beneficial when it’s regularly practiced. Set a fixed time for this practice every day and increase or decrease the duration as per your comfort. Setting a fixed time develops the habit of any practice in your mind and after a certain period, your mind starts performing this meditation journey unknowingly. It is the process of experiencing Nirvana, Moksha or liberation. Few Masters can do it continuously for days, weeks, months or years without any break that is known as Samadhi.

It is recommended that if an individual practices Meditation continuously for a year or two, one can reap multiple blessings and psychic powers. Once you have practiced it for a good duration, your mind will develop a habit for this pattern, and you’d experience calmness in your overall thought process with increased focus in everything you do. Also, you might notice that your breath becomes more relaxed & subtle during your everyday routine. “When the breath wanders the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is calmed, the mind too will be still” A normal human being breathes 12 to 20 times a minute. When your breath becomes 11 per minute, you understand the language of every animal and bird around you. When your breath becomes nine, you understand the very language that the Earth is speaking. When your breath becomes seven, you know everything that is worth knowing in existence. That means your body becomes so stable that there is no static, no crackle – it just perceives everything.

There is a famous quote on a Bamboo tree “The first year it sleeps, the second year it creeps, the third year it leaps” & “Be like bamboo. The higher you grow, the deeper you bow.” Always remember these quotes or proverbs as Meditation can’t be mastered overnight, it takes time & discipline.

Of course, there are many other ways that you can find easily on the internet like developing your intuition, knowing your sixth sense etc. But the practice mentioned here covers all such knowledge and your mind becomes much more receptive & useful as compared to any other single technique or discipline.

Alternatively, if you mix devotion in this practice – the fruits are unlimited! One can overcome all difficulties or hindrances in this life and ensure a successful journey for their soul.

At times you may experience negative forces or negativity trying to gain control over your mind and your devotion will help you to fight or overcome these situations. Do not be afraid of anything, your traumas, fears or dislikes may arise in this state but just let it come & go without paying any attention to it. Be determined and committed to controlling your mind and gradually you will become a Master to escape the slavery of mind’s illusions!

Though you may choose your own specific time when you’re idle. But maintain a fixed schedule(discipline) to practice this basic art of Meditation each day. For best results we recommend meditating during Brahma-Muhurat: before sunrise, Noon – 12’0 clock -when Sun is at its highest peak or during sunset. Did you know! that your energies are at the highest peaks during these times. 15-30 minutes before sunrise, noon or sunset, our Sushumna awakens automatically.

Believe it! this is the only magic through which you can transform and evolve yourself!  After a while, you yourself would know the abilities or Siddhis you’ve developed when your mind will start applying it to the people, circumstances, or situations around you.

The above exercise is the first step in laying a foundation to awaken your inner-self. We suggest using Parad Gutika(Mercury pendant) to achieve the best results while practicing. Parad Gutika is an excellent tool for transforming your energies. Parad Bead when worn by aspirants increases their grasping and concentration power.

Once you’ve mastered the discipline mentioned on this tab for 100 days with at least 10 fasts, you can proceed to understand & practice Enhanced Meditation.

The steps mentioned above are mandates, but one must always consult inner-self to realize what’s right for them. You could practice the above Steps & exercises for 6-8 weeks before beginning your sacred journey. The most important beings in one’s life is me, myself & I and we are just trying to bring the best of all 3 in you. Ever heard of Trinity! It’s there in every religion and even in ourselves! Analyze, observe & prove yourself worthy!

May God bless you today & always!

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