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Higher-self can be termed as your intuition or sixth-sense. In simple terms it’s the Higher-intelligence present in our conscious since our birth. It is the force that guides you and surrounds your physical body. Know this! Our body isn’t limited to our physical appearance, there is a much bigger energy field around our body that can’t be seen by a naked eye unless you’ve alleviated to a higher level of consciousness. People often refer to it as an Aura or a luminous body, some call it High-spirit or the guiding force. But many people neglect this precious gift of our existence and fail to reap benefits in their lives.

Our planet is ruled by a Super-Intelligence that is governing many galaxies like ours. Our Higher-self is always in connection with the Super-Intelligence that holds information for all previous births & karmas and since it surrounds our body, it acts as a medium to connect with the creation. It is through Higher-self, one realizes the abilities and mission of their life.

To distinguish between Higher-self and Inner-self is to ask yourself a question and find an answer to it. If the response comes instantly; in a flash then it means your higher-intelligence is guiding or helping you. But in case you take some time to find an answer, then that means it’s your inner-voice or Inner-self as our minds think systematically with reasoning and explanations.

Higher-self meditation is the art of transforming yourself in an intelligent being for further evolution. It is the state of the mind where you gain higher understanding of life and the cosmos. All mystic powers(Siddhis) and psychic powers are earned and applied through your Higher-self. Mental powers like Sixth -sense, Self-healing*, Telepathy and Teleportation is realized and activated in this state. Once you’ve achieved or developed any special ability, your mind automatically starts applying it to situations & circumstances around you. This state is where you feel Magic from the Creator and your body responds through goosebumps, tingling or sensations of awareness.

Other benefits include Emotional healing: clearing your energies, Mental Healing, Physical healing: issues related to nerves, muscles, connective tissues. Spiritual healing works on your ancestral karma. And much more!

It certainly sounds interesting & motivating, right? And gladly you’re at the right place to explore and enhance all your capabilities.

Since we all are individuals with unique identities, our abilities differ from each other. Some are good in visualizing(visual), few are good in listening or hearing(auditory) and some are good in thinking and analyzing(cognitive). But to make you a Master of your Higher-self, we created exercises that will train and guide you in all these aspects. Below you will find a set of exercises that you’d need for your evolvement and we strongly suggest that you complete it in the described order for the mentioned duration. Once you’ve completed all the exercises, you may then make a decision to practice any depending on your preferences. Remember we intend to make Masters! Not disciples, but you’ll need to come back to these exercises to enhance and evolve further.

There is no end to the tremendous knowledge present in the Super-Intelligence.

We have designed a special exercise called Door of Infinite Knowledge that will unleash the full potential in you. Also, we have created other effective exercises that you’d feel joy practicing. Kindly note that we’ve used a few Sanskrit Mantras(sounds) to invoke or awake the abilities in you, one can practice these things irrespective of their faith, region or belief without any limitations or restrictions.

A note by BaBa Saheb:

Our real identity is our soul, sound & energy(vibrations) and we are nothing else than these.

The exercises for Higher-self meditation are as follows:

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