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Sat Chit Ananda!
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Sat Chit Ananda!

God is the ultimate & endless possibility of Infinite bliss, The word Sat Chit Ananda means Sat: Eternal, Chit: Divine Knowledge(consciousness), Ananda: Infinite Bliss. The aim of life is to realize the Eternal truth i.e. creation & its creator, to gain Divine Knowledge(consciousness) and to be happy & joyful all the time in our lives.

This website is created only with the intention to empower all individuals in utilizing their potential to the fullest, to access higher intelligence that is presiding above all. You might be an atheist or a believer! From a different religion or a faith. But to understand & improve the value of life, it only takes your commitment & determination. Apart from the materialistic needs, we all need calmness & pleasantness in our lives. Believe it or not, one cannot find satisfaction through any medium, source, entity in this world except for practicing Sat Chit Ananda.

We all are enslaved by our minds either through our will, passion & habits or social, economic & political issues. We might think ourselves to be conscious of the situations & circumstances but in actual the consciousness – higher intelligence i.e. Chit is hardly accessible. Sat Chit Anand is Eternal Consciousness Bliss, indeed it is a practice of controlling the mind from constantly thinking of everything & all around you. Once, the mind experiences calmness, Conscious & Bliss naturally arises to understand the Eternal – the higher intelligence. In other words, it is the process of uniting oneself with the creation & the creator. To accomplish this task, one has to realize the inner-self, master the higher-self & awaken the supreme-self so you don’t only realize this fact but live your life in such a state. No matter what the occasion, event or crisis around you, this state keeps you calm, happy & joyful at all times.

Incredibly, Sat Chit Ananda can be achieved with breathing(Meditation). Lose all your thoughts to experience nothingness, by living in the present moment & patiently practicing (investing time) every day [Note: duration may vary from person to person depending on their experience]. Once you have practiced this art for consecutive months/ years, your mind starts surrendering to your will and starts showing you wonders where you realize your inner potential. One should refrain from imagination & hallucination by increasing their focus on the practice and observing consciousness(Chit) as a higher mental state. Once your mind is settled & calmed, Bliss would naturally fall all over you, also your mind would start revealing & applying Siddhis you’ve achieved to people and circumstances around you.

Regardless of your commitment, you can practice the basic art mentioned in Meditation to overcome any situation or difficulty or stress by breathing in the pattern described for a few minutes only & you would find yourself relaxed. In simple terms: the art of breathing is a pattern of inhalation, retention, exhalation & retention that would energize your mind instantly and help to improve your concentration/focus. You would feel more relaxation & ease, the more you practice.

Live in the moment to enhance your consciousness!

Sat Chit Anand is unconditional love from the creator for all.

Ensure your Success journey!

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