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3 Simple Steps

Step 1 Ahimsa (Non-violence)

The predominant trait in any species is dominance, survival instinct & envy. Therefore, wise sages have suggested practicing Ahimsa (Non-violence). The practice of Ahimsa develops love, compassion & happiness.

Ahimsa is merely not killing, injuring or hurting anyone, but in detail, it means not to cause harm, pain or mischief towards any living creature.

Ahimsa is the first step towards your evolution & to free your mind to create a room or space to analyze oneself.

Step 2 Bachelorhood (Practice Purity)

The term Brahma means Supreme being/ Creator and Acharya means Guru. The path of Brahmacharya is to walk the way of God that would enable you to understand the Supreme-self and your higher-self to experience bliss, mystic powers or siddhis as per your determination & commitment.

To advance in the level of meditation & self-evolution one must practice Brahmacharya (Bachelorhood).

A question may arise in youth or a married couple: how can they practice such a discipline? One might think it as an impossible task to escape sexual thoughts or desires & needs but worry not. We are not transforming you into sages yet but only advising you to practice it for specific intervals & periods in your life. You can start by practicing it for one particular day, then advance it to a week, then 40 days. Also, you could be occupied in praying, worshipping or other religious activities as per your faith or religion during these days. This would help you for a self-transformation along with positive experience. And help your mind to focus accordingly.

A 40-day interval is termed as a golden period in anyone’s life. You could enable your mind to unlock its true potential to realize your hidden abilities & powers and it would help you escape from any kind of stress, anxiety or fear.

It’s a common misconception that one has to give up on life completely. Know that all Sages, Saints or priests have families and they indulge in such activities from time to time. Unless you don’t experience something supernatural or magical, you can continue living like a normal being. Even after attaining & mastering a few siddhis, you don’t need to give up on your personal life but would you like to waste the energies you’ve gathered & let your mind take control over you again completely or do you want to CONTROL yourself, that is your own choice.

Step 3 Truth

Truth is the basic law of nature. It is the ultimate reality of life. Practicing truth allows you to escape from misery, slavery or manipulation of your mind & character.

Truthfulness is the only temple through which you can attain a higher self to realize the Supreme Being and be a part of our Creator’s magic & life running on our planet & in the entire galaxy. Remember, every being is connected to a single source of creation through which we can connect, transfer thoughts or experience mystical things or other beings or deities. The ultimate truth is God, if you realize & believe it, there is no stopping in unfolding your mind’s abilities or powers. It is the gateway to the kingdom of God and infinite happiness & Bliss.

Along with the steps mentioned above, you could try fasting as well. Fasting is a great process to cleanse your body & soul. It is a way to awaken your Higher-self to receive ultimate blessings from the Almighty. Along with devotion and dedication fasts can earn you a great virtue in developing yourself. As per medical science, if you do not consume salt for 24 hours it removes toxins from your body. Try to avoid any kind of food and use milk or fruits during your fasts. Potatoes & peanuts are a substantial source to provide you with sufficient energy to accomplish your tasks and satisfy your hunger. But remember to be on an empty or light stomach to practice meditation always.

The steps mentioned above are mandates, but one must always consult inner-self to realize what’s right for them. The most important beings in one’s life are me, myself & I and we are just trying to bring the best of all 3. Ever heard of Trinity! It’s there in every religion and even in ourselves i.e. inner-self, higher-self & supreme-self!

5 Pillars of Righteousness

Remember these 5 pillars at all times!

The base of the pillar is Righteousness which includes: 

  • Knowledge
  • Love
  • Dedication
  • Justice
  • Patience

The height of the pillar is determined through:

  • Truthfulness 
  • Goodness
  • Honesty
  • Charity
  • Humanity

If you’d remember the 5 pillars of Righteousness, you will always succeed & excel in all the areas of life!

We all have distinct lives & understandings, different interests, strengths or weaknesses & even different goals in life but our ultimate path is to achieve inner satisfaction, salvation and liberation in the end.

May GOD bless you & keep you always!