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What’s the Need for this Website?

There have been many conflicts and disputes regarding the existence of GOD. Humanity has witnessed various conflicts and disputes regarding the same. We might know different preachers, sages & saints according to the faith we grew in but our belief had always been skeptical in knowing the ultimate truth.

God isn’t a myth, God is the ultimate creator who created all & everything and resides within each. The process of knowing GOD has been confusing for many ages till now as this knowledge got lost in our ancient civilizations. This website is just an effort to make one aware of this sacred path again. The process of knowing GOD isn’t a complicated science but is a simple realization to admit that GOD exists as higher intelligence amongst us all. To access the Divine we need to fill ourselves with Divinity, Devotion & Determination.

Knowing GOD is knowing yourself first. You might have known the Trinity & Third Eye through different religions & myths. Through this website, we want to communicate the fact that these superpowers exist within us all. We only need to Master this ability through the discipline & exercises mentioned on this website. You can master your inner-self through the Meditation process. Your higher-self could be awakened through the Door of Infinite Knowledge under Enhanced Meditation. And your Supreme-self could be activated through Trishul Sadhna.

Regardless of your faith, religion or belief you could practice all these disciplines. Some people might get confused understanding Shiva as a doctrine but we want to emphasize that the word Shi-va means No-thing. Practicing nothingness is the only art of connecting to the higher intelligence. The Hindu idol is a symbolic figure of the Adiyogi who mastered all the 112 disciplines in yoga and is worshipped for that.

You need to unravel your consciousness to witness and participate in the will of GOD.

Remember, we have suggested focusing on the infinity symbol to get rid of the ongoing thoughts in your mind. Increase your focus & concentration to differentiate between the imagination & reality going in your head. The more you practice the better you learn!

The process of transforming your inner-self is done through the Door of infinite Knowledge & the process of awakening your higher-self is done through Trishul Sadhna. Make sure you follow the required steps to reach this level. It may take some time for you to witness the unexpected but these initiations would set your foundations for sure!
The aim of this website is to make everyone efficient enough to fulfill the mission of their lives! Irrespective of the materialistic needs, our soul’s mission is to know and witness the Almighty’s grace & bliss to enjoy all fruits in our lives. The human birth is a sacred gift & should be used to its potential to improve one’s Karma to be rewarded in the times and lives to come.

The reason we want to transform everyone into a Master and not a disciple is because we believe that our world got corrupted only because humanity has realized only a few awakened individuals amongst different societies or faiths but the majority remained blindfolded.

Enlightenment doesn’t mean that someone else should guide and tell you when you are ready but to know it yourselves consciously! You have to be patient to know what you’ve gathered in your journey only by observing and applying the knowledge in your own life.

A note from BaBa Saheb:

After meditating for a few years and having been blessed by God in various Siddhis, I came to know that our World will soon face the devastation that would eliminate millions of people on our planet. Very soon in 2027, we all will experience a dramatic change in everyone’s life where people with good intentions & karmas will be uplifted to a higher mental state and the ones indulged in wrong practices or foul deeds will aggressively start losing their minds completely. This World would see a drastic change in everyone’s life from 2027 till 2036. Only people who would survive this period will be the ones who have a strong belief in their faith or God! We planned to have this website launched by 2016 but it took several years to arrange all the stuff and validate its usage & effects on all. The content mentioned on this website is just an effort to make people stronger & more courageous for the hard times to come so that they don’t only survive this period but also become armor for their loved ones & families.

Already we all are going through a pandemic situation i.e. Covid-19 where we have lost millions of lives. There is a feeling of insecurity amongst all. This situation has already affected our lives and many of us realized how unprepared we are & how unpredicted life is. If we can discover the meaning & purpose of our lives, it won’t only be better for us but will be beneficial for our generations to come. The need of the time is to enhance ourselves to cope up with the current situation and be future-ready for after-effects on our community.

Today we have the latest technology but our lives have become very busy & monotonous. Most people lack interest in their lives by mid-30s or even earlier. Unlike other species, humans have failed miserably in passing their knowledge & abilities to the coming generations. Today we are at a stage where our children are limited to mobiles or computers and one feels trapped in the pressure of social or economic responsibilities. One has limited time for themselves and mostly everyone is in doubt or not clear about the fundamentals of praying, worshipping or practicing their faith/belief. This website is just an effort to rejuvenate one’s experience about their life & freedom to understand the real meaning & essence of their existence.

The content mentioned here is not a work of fiction but a renowned knowledge that has been present in our race for ages. Irrespective of your faith, religion or belief you can practice these exercises to enhance your abilities & unlock your potential to reach the higher-self.

We intend to research & develop more exciting content that would promote humanity & greater understanding amongst all. You can contribute by sending your ideas, suggestions or feedback for the betterment of this world. Kindly include your name & date of birth in a message and be a part of AnandRajya’s mission & success!

The content on this website is solely created for the betterment of all. Be sure to share with as many people as you can!

May God be with you all the way!