June 25, 2024
Shravana Food Distribution (Bhandara) 2022
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Shravana Food Distribution (Bhandara) 2022

On the occasion of Sawan month in 2022, Anand Spiritual Foundation organized a food distribution (Bhandara) event with the help of proud residents of GH-7 Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad.

After the last Monday in this pious month, Tuesday – August 09th 2022 was decided for the Food Distribution to the needy people living in the slum areas near Crossings Republik. We decided to distribute kachori with aloo sabzi along with rice pudding(kheer) to over 1000 people who earn their livelihoods with many difficulties.

With a support & contribution from just 30-40 people, we were able to distribute happiness through the Prasad(food) that was shared amongst poor people at large. You could find the food distribution video below:

In due time we aim to reach many affected places where people are living with poverty, so not only we share happiness with them but bring them Joy through the knowledge mentioned on our website.

We also aim to conduct webinars/seminars where anyone can participate on their own will and discover their potential to unlock the true bliss(blessings) destined fosr their lives. To do so. we need support from each individual & every person you may know.

Remember, we aim to make Masters not disciples & our mission is to promote humanity; to transform human intelligence to a higher state.

May God help you reach your goal in life!

Ensure your Success journey!

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