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Concept of Trinity

Concept of Trinity

Throughout human history, Trinity has been a controversial doctrine that includes many mythologies and folk tales. There are many ancient scriptures and carvings of Three-Headed God, in Christianity: Trinity represents the Holy Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Angel, In Hinduism – 3 Supreme Gods or Trimurti, the Roman Goddess Diana was represented as a Three-form Goddess, The Greek Goddess Hecate was portrayed in triplicate and many more sculptures from Egypt to other ancient civilizations.

Number 3

Apart from ancient sculptures and texts, number 3 holds a tremendous significance, some consider it to be associated with wealth, knowledge, peace, wisdom & harmony. It also represents perfection. It also denotes our birth-life-death cycle or mind-body-soul connection. Also, our ancestors built Pyramids and Temples representing a Triangle or the importance of number: 3 & Trinity. Could you believe that we have been ignorant and remain confused with all that?

And on top of that, we have institutions & centers claiming to teach Divine knowledge through Yoga & other means but they themselves mock you for discussing your realizations. We have been raised in a society where people neglect such things and consider it to be a waste of time when in actuality you are wasting the precious time of your life by staying unfamiliar & unaware of this Eternal fact.

Brain Sense

Through Meditation and realization in trance states, we came to understand that the Consciousness on our planet is divided into 3 categories i.e. Super-Intelligence, Higher-Intelligence & Inner-Intelligence. There have been many religious texts & folktales about the special abilities that Angels or Gods had, who can be called Masters of Super-Intelligence, it also included Saints or Sages. Mostly renowned Kings and scholars Mastered the Higher-Intelligence who are known as philosophers or psychics or mystics in today’s modern era. And Masters of Inner-Intelligence are most of the successful people throughout our history whether it be a field of art, science, sports or other leading professions.

Question Mark

The question here is what efforts or ideas they used to realize their abilities & maximize their potential? Surely, they followed a discipline or routine that was uncommon for other people or was unknown!

We bring this successful philosophy hidden in our pasts for all mankind to uplift their standards. Not only we are the first to introduce this concept but also intend to remove the barriers between our societies based on faiths & beliefs.


Surprisingly we still see humans fighting over religions, practices, praying and worshipping when the true idea for doing all these things is not familiar with the most. Admit this if there had been one successful faith till now, all of its followers must have claimed to witness or experience what their Master did but Surprisingly people with special abilities are treated as Angels and there are tons of people following them blindly.

The sole reason for our initiative is to overcome the hypocrisy, superstitions and misbeliefs in our society. And it only could be achieved if there is freedom for everyone to practice & learn this art. Admit this that today we are much educated & responsible than our ancestors in the past and we all need a Sure Path to Success regardless of our culture & traditions.

We are proud to unravel this Magical path for everyone to transform human intelligence to a higher state. We aim to transform the human race and create a better world for our generations to come. And it all Starts with you as an individual coz Your Life Matters!

Please read through the followings tabs to understand how you can be a part of our movement and avail the benefits of Consciousness through your active participation without renouncing your life or giving up your fortunes.

Inner-Self Meditation, Higher-Self-Meditation & Supreme-Self Meditation.

Kindly note that you don’t need to adopt any religion or faith but only need to experience and practice the awareness that we create in you through simple mindful exercises and sounds.

Your commitment & determination is the only key to your own success.