June 25, 2024
Shravana Food Distribution (Bhandara) 2022
Happy Makar Sankranti!
Sat Chit Ananda!
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All donations are eligible for exemptions u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.

AnandRajya is a website owned by ANAND SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION and the objectives of our foundation are mentioned below:

  • To create run and promote spirituality among the human beings and perform outreach activities by arranging meetings in different places from time to time and conducting bhajans and religious discourse messages to the public with the aim to spread religious awareness among the people at large.
  • To establish, renovate and construct temples and maintain the same and to establish community centers to provide stay to volunteers and the needy people with the objective of promoting universal brotherhood and harmony among the different sections of the society and to provide free food to the poor and underprivileged people in furtherance of the charitable objectives.
  • To organize forums, seminars and camps for spreading good living habits, moral values such as truth, right conduct, peace and non-violence, and methods of developing self-confidence as well to create centers throughout the country for the above activities.
  • To undertake initiatives aimed at ensuring the availability of clean drinking water and promoting proper sanitation practices for the benefit of Society.
  • To conduct awareness programs and workshops focused on promoting and enhancing behavioural practices related to personal, water, food, domestic, and public hygiene.
  • To support and implement programs that contribute to the empowerment of women and children through the provision of educational resources and opportunities for sustainable employment.
  • To work towards the promotion of humanity by facilitating access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities without discrimination, with the goal of fostering social and economic inclusivity.

Kindly make your generous donations to help us achieve our goals! Your contribution would help many people in need at large and part of it goes towards the objectives mentioned above.

Note: Pan number compulsory for donations more than or equal to Rs. 50k.

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