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Supreme-self can be termed as the divinity or divine in you. It can be regarded as your spiritual state where you inherit the qualities of an angel, sage or a saint, we can also say that you inherit the qualities from the Super-intelligence. We all have a divine particle in ourselves known as a Soul. Your spirituality earns you rewards to access higher-realms that we know as heavens, the abode of God or accessing and witnessing the Supreme Soul – the true mission and destination for all.

A note from BaBa SaheB:

You might have known many mythologies and folk tales; you might’ve known many religions and beliefs but unless you haven’t witnessed the Almighty or the Supreme you haven’t earned redemption or liberation for your soul.


This path requires your commitment towards the devotion and determination in you. So, are we asking you to change your faith or religion? – No, not at all. You just need to broaden your perspective and give us a chance to ignite your Higher-self to access this rare opportunity. All you need to do is relax, lay down comfortably and we do our best while you rest.

Mandatory to complete the Inner-self & Higher-self meditations for building the foundation and differentiating between imagination, hallucination and realization.

Kindly, do not expect some God to appear in front of you asking you for a boon or so! but the Supreme-Self meditation opens a doorway to the Eternal Divine and you inherit the state of Sat-Chit-Ananda! i.e. Eternal-Conscious-Bliss!

We’ve designed Trishul Sadhana using Sanskrit beej mantras(syllable sounds) which would combine your energies to open a doorway to the Eternal-Divinity! Or Eternal-Conscious-Bliss! Few people may already experience this state while practicing Higher-Self but this meditation helps you build the foundation to know what’s Divine or Divinity.

Trishul Sadhana is a powerful exercise that includes various beej mantras to awaken your Chit (Mana) to receive infinite blessings from GOD SHIVA. This exercise is meant to control your energy flow and bring Peace & Bliss to your mind, body & soul by balancing the spiritual energy and taking it to a higher dimension. It is a system of awakening your spiritual energy to experience the connection with the Almighty through a guided process. Kindly ensure to follow 3 Simple Steps and 5 Pillars of Righteousness for a period of 7 weeks to undergo this process and keep a fast on each Monday for 8 continuous weeks.

Trishul Sadhana will last for 8 Mondays – with a guided session to be performed in Shavasana. We recommend keeping a fast for the days you attend the sessions but if your health doesn’t permit, we suggest maintaining a vegetarian diet and a light or empty stomach during the sessions. The details for the exercise will be shared via newsletters or emails, so please be sure to subscribe.

Though it may sound simple but this meditation is not at all easy and may require continuous participation with your commitment for the duration defined, but once you’ve achieved this glory, you won’t ever forget this practice and continue striving to aim for perfection.

Trishul Sadhana affects both Inner-self & Higher-self. One can get realizations in both sets of meditations after successfully completing the Sadhana for at least 2 times where one understands its concept and knows to circulate and regulate their energies.

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